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Looking for the Meaning Of Life after a spiritual awakening.

The meaning of Lent, through Reflection

As it is Lenten season in the church it is a good time for reflection.
(It pretty much always is, but especially during Lent.)

The reflection is on the resurrection of Jesus and what that means in the life of believers.  While many focus on sacrificing something, the emphasis in Christianity is trying to focus on improvement.

As these posts relate to bringing meaning to life they emphasize the self-improvement part.  This blog focuses on the areas of  getting out of self and balance.

The path to enlightenment in many major religions involves getting out of self and focusing on others.  This usually is part of what people do during Lent, such as volunteer or give to the poor and needy.

As these things are good, there is a bigger picture to keep in mind.

God created humans to share in his glory, and part of that is having an interest in what he created.  If we focus only on ourselves we are acting outside of God’s will and generally will not feel fulfilled.  (This is different than fleeting happiness).

In addition to this, focusing less on self gives God’s will more room to work, which is best for all in the long term.

When Jesus was on earth he was obedient to the will of the Father and was not focused just on what he wanted.

The miracles and the service to others while Jesus was on earth were done by following what the Father wanted (Getting out of self).

They resulted from giving God’s will room to work.  It is also generally accepted in Christianity that the ability given to a person is meant for the use of helping others in creation, and not just for the benefit of the person.

Lent season

Another part of the Lenten journey this post focuses on is balance. What does balance mean?  As the saying goes, :all work and no play makes a dull boy.”  It partially means by neglecting certain areas of life that other areas can be negatively affected.

For instance, health is made up of physical, mental and spiritual components.  As examples, neglecting pain in physical health can effect one’s mental well-being, neglecting mental health can lead to things like compulsions and neglecting spiritual health can lead to bad habits that are hard to break later.

Balance means as one area suffers other areas suffer along with it.

Even what God created has symmetry to it, such as day and night, hot and cold, and heaven and hell.  Jesus words when first tempted by Satan were “Man does not live on bread alone.”

These things suggest too much of one thing is generally not the path to fulfillment and that your life should include some concept of balance in it.  The concept of the Trinitarian God also reflects this idea.

Source:  Bible, Christian tradition



Does reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus and a new life make you want to change your life in some way?