Why add meaning to Life?

The title of the blog is “A More Meaningful Life For Fulfillment”And a picture.
(Not very fond of it, but a picture nonetheless).

The logical question of the post reader is, “Why do you want to get more out of life?”.  What is wrong with it the way it is?

Maybe nothing.  But as someone who has reached middle age, knowing how fast life goes by leaves one to think about where one is heading, and are there other things you still want to do?  Looking at things differently can help you realize what you want out of life and help motivate you to try to get it.

For the author the posts come from a religious awakening and a change of motif in general.  For you it might be something else that leads to a change in perception.

The question about where one is headed in life is something for anyone to think about, and not just for those who reached middle age.

If this is not on a person’s mind regularly the chances are they are at least indirectly thinking about them.  The change of perception of life includes seeing things with an “enriched” tone, increasing motivation and help getting through setbacks

Why Add Meaning To Your Life?

Perspectives For Adding Meaning To Life has to do with taking everyday knowledge and using it in a way to look at life differently.

That might not sound like much, but it can sure impact a lot of little things.

For example, do you focus on the tasks to be done for the day or do you think of yourself as a link in a chain of a greater purpose that you might not yet be aware of?

Looking at things the second way can take off some of the burden of daily life and help you try to enjoy life as was intended.

As author Chalres Swindoll wrote,

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not simply endured.”

*  As another example, do you think your life was preordained by a larger power or do you think you can change things by yourself?  Some things seem beyond the power of humans at times, such as the weather or how other people react to things.  What do you do, then, to make the most of what you have?

*  If you do believe in a transcendent power, do you believe that power created you for your good, cares about what happens to you and took it upon himself (or herself) to redeem you from your shortcomings?

*  In the times God doesn’t seem to make sense, do you believe that something is working for you or do you believe that there is no way out that can lead to something good?

These things also lead to questions such as,  how much of what you consider bad luck was caused by yourself?  If you believe in a higher power, would that power try to help a passive person as much as an active person?

These are questions that might be in the back of people’s minds but have not resolved with themselves.  How you think about them and answer them can have a positive affect on your life, bring motivation and help you get through difficult times.

This adds meaning to life because: Adding meaning to life helps realize your role in the universe and realize there is more than what goes on around you every day.

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