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“Hidden” Bible Symbols

If we were to translate the names of the first ten generations of human beings in the Bible we would find something interesting. 
Here is a list of the names and their meanings:
Blessed God
His Death Shall Bring
Or, to put the meanings together into a sentence, it could read:
The Mortal Man Appointed By God – Full Of Sorrow, Blessed God – Descends And Commences (his work). His Death Shall Bring, To Those In Despair, Comfort.
Neat?  Coincidence?  It is also interesting to note if you continue beyond the first ten names, the meanings of the names also form what could be sentences with underlying meaning (like above).
Actually it is more than a neat coincidence.  The Bible is God speaking to us, and when he does, it is not an accident. 

It is true that God’s word can seem mysterious at times.  It is commonly known, for example, that things like numbers and animals have underlying meaning in the Bible.

The Use Of Symbols

Why is that?  Why would something have a meaning beyond just what the word is? 

It is because something like a sheep, for example, also represents an important characteristic of our relationship to God.  Sheep are dependent on the Shepperd to guide them, and God is the Shepperd.  The sheep are expressing something other than just the animal in the Bible.  

Thus, since the names of the generations of humans can also form a sentence it is indicative of humans and their relationship to God.  Things like genealogies are not listed in the Bible just to memorize.  They are listed to show underlying meaning. 

For example, in the genealogy of Jesus there is a prostitute (Rahab).  This could signify human imperfection, even in the blood line of King David, where the Messiah was supposed to spring from.

Some people ask why God’s inspired word just doesn’t come out and say directly what it is trying to say.  This is especially true of the parables in the Gospels. 

Many clergy will answer this by indicating that God wants you to ask questions to determine if you are generally interested in his word.  To those that are interested in his word fascinating things follow, which can be applied to your life. 

Have you ever noticed how some preachers are passionate about what they are saying?  This is the intended result and adds to the meaning.

A Way Of Adding Meaning 

Just as these blogs pertain to adding meaning to your life, symbolism is a way God added deeper meaning to the Bible.  Bible symbols help show that it is not something that was intended to just be read through once so the reader can say he/she knows what book and chapter it is in.

So, just like the names of the first ten generations of humans are shrouded in a message, God’s word to humans is shrouded in a message, which makes human life mysterious.

This adds meaning to life because:  The Bible is God speaking to humans.  If there are hidden messages in the Bible we are not aware of as first, then there might be hidden meaning in our lives that we are not aware of at first.

Sources:, Bible, Christian tradition

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