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3 Examples Of Why The Idea Of Bible Contradictions Is Uninformed

People use it as an excuse.

An excuse not to believe in the Word of God, that is.

Some people are looking for an excuse so they can do what they want, but this one is an easy out.

It is a common excuse to just say the Bible contradicts itself, and use that as a reason not to follow it.

There are many things that could be said to that.

One  is this post has said before the author thinks this seeming contradiction is to get people who want to learn to learn more.

The post examines the idea of the Bible contradicting itself, and why this is not an excuse to stop a person from believing.

If it contradicts itself, then it can’t be from God, some people think. This post looks at some apparent “contradictions” and explains why they actually aren’t contradictions.

Let us begin by looking at some common, apparent Bible contradictions and examine why they actually aren’t contradictory, in reality.
1. “An eye for an eye” vs. “Love thy enemy”

These verses are brought up a lot by those who claim the Bible contradicts itself.

Well, you can start with basic ideas.

For example, the New Covenant is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant, and not the abolishment of it.

These kinds of commands seem contradictory on the surface.

The reason, of course, is because the emphasis changes when the Messiah comes to earth.

Since Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant, as the awaited Messiah, he can bring a new message in the New Covenant. After his Incarnation the emphasis went essentially from following the law to following him in mind, body and spirit.

2.  “Do not love the things of this world” vs. “Love your brother”

These verses are found in the First Epistle to John.

A good way to think of these verses is this; loving the things of this world means not putting them before God.

When it says to love as God loves you cannot also love the world, he doesn’t mean to hate the world. Rather, it is about perspective. Whatever you love in this world (drugs, money, power) will end.

If you put these things before God you are missing out on fulfillment. You might think you are enjoying yourself more, but that is fleeting. Heck, that can also cause you a myriad of additional problems in this world.

You might say if you love your brother you love something in this world, which it just said not to do. However, taken in a spiritual sense, having peace with yourself and your brother is what God wants.

3. “You are saved by faith alone” vs. “Faith without works is dead”

This one is a classic that will probably always be debated.

Some say the first one of these says you are saved by grace and the second one says you also have to do good works.

The “Faith without works is dead” is found in the Epistle of James.

First of all, this post explains it better than I could.

This is certainly not teaching that a person must add works to faith to be saved. It is teaching the product of faith is works. (James 2:14-24)

James is talking about people who have faith, but do not seem to have good works. Works are not an addition to faith, but are the fruit of it.

What these examples show is there is more to Scripture than what appears at first glance.

There are, no doubt, many more examples than these.

It is not enough to say Scripture contradicts itself, and use it as an excuse to not believe. Some research should be done first.

How about this?

There is actually a belief by some that if the Bible seems contradictory, then keep asking questions and studying it until it doesn’t.


Author Commentary

God, who knows all, does not have to contradict himself. The Bible is inspired by God, and he has thought out his Word beyond human comprehension.

If a person wants to learn about God, then they will. Apparent “contradictions” won’t stop them. They will wonder if there are things they don’t fully comprehend.

Some Bible experts think this is why the Parables are difficult to understand. This is intentional, they reason, so the people who want to know God will ask questions.

If there are minor details or translations that make the Bible look contradictory it might have to do with the recording by humans.

With the proper education the Bible is not contradictory in spiritual truths. Since God knows all (omniscient) it does not make sense that his Word has to be contradictory.


Do you think the Bible contradicts itself?





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