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The meaning of life in God’s Plan

A common discussion in Christianity involves whether a person is saved by God’s grace or by their own “good” deeds.  In fact, the concept started a Reformation and might never be resolved.
Faith Or Works (Or both)?
The big dissension point involves the idea of whether believers think they can “earn” their salvation, or “win” their salvation on their own merit.  Those on the side of grace believe Jesus completed the work of salvation and it is yours to choose whether to receive or not. 
Those on the side of works think belief is not enough on its own, and “good” deeds should automatically follow grace. 


This is the usual way the topic is discussed.  There might, however, be another valuable way of looking at it.

In his book “The Man God Uses”, Henry Blackaby proposes a different perspective. He states that a person does not work for God by doing good deeds, but God works through people for his intentions.  This is not how most people in this society think of it.Instead of God looking at a person’s good deeds it is a belief of viewing the work from what God has accomplished. 

God originally created to share his glory in the first place.  The focus is not on the person and what they think or what they do.  What you are is a reflection of the work of God.

So what brings glory to God?
In the Gospel Of John the author quotes Jesus as saying, “You did not choose me. I chose you.”  With this is the assertion that God chose you, created you and ordained you for his work, according to Blackaby.
Thus it is viewed through the lens of God, and not of humans.

Sometimes what appears to be human failure could be God working out a bigger plan that is not yet revealed. Blackaby’s book goes on to state that God wants to see the results of his work, and not emphasize the work of humans. In the New Testament Saint Paul wrote,

 For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.

– Phillipians 2:13.

Faith, From Another Perspective

Looking at things from this perspective does not change the original discussion of grace versus works until the concept of free will is added.  (That is another blog).
So this different perspective comes down to taking God at his word and being obedient to it. Any way you view it, something seems apparent.

This inspiration is from an inner conviction, and not from outer motions of obedience, which only God can truly judge.This adds meaning to life because: It helps one realize that humans are a reflection of their Creator and not the center of the universe.  

Sources:  The Man God Uses, by Tom Blackaby and Henry Blackaby

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by thinking that no matter what you do, your works don’t seem like enough?

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