Simplifying religion and its meaning

Have you ever heard a church choir and wondered why they were so cheerful?

Some people think church is boring.  It sounds like a place that is restricting you and preaching at you.

A previous post discussed a trend of an overall decline in religious values in America.

The first pilgrims came to America seeking religious freedom from a King.  Thus, religion is one hint at what America is about underneath the surface.

As America formed a republic the relationship between church and state was something discussed at length.

As it is Lenten season the role of religion in life is amplified.  Pope Francis said “Lent comes to reawaken us.” There are useful things to keep in mind as a person attends more masses this time of the year.

This post examines some guesses on what religion was meant to be.  There must be some reason the first pilgrims wanted religious freedom.  What are some of the things it was intended to be?

Religion, in a Christian sense, is meant to be:

1.  Joyful
There is joy in believing you can be forgiven of your sins and born into a new life.  None of us really deserve it and God did not have to come in the flesh to redeem us.  He could have chosen to leave us with what we deserve, as sinners. 

“The wages of sin is death.” (Romans 6:23).

2.  Fulfilling
Non-religious people do not realize there is more going on than what you perceive.  You experience things with your senses, but God is working all around you in ways you do not comprehend.  It is enlightening to believe God is putting certain people in your path for a reason.  This means nothing you do is a waste.

Daily life can seem repetitive and futile at times.  The knowledge of a higher power working can help you realize that things happen for a reason.

What are we joyful about?  There seems to be everyday misconceptions about the role of religion in a person’s life.

What Should Religion Mean?


Here are some simple guidelines of what religion should and shouldn’t be, according to the author’s opinion:


Religion Shouldn’t Be

  • Rules to restrict you
  • Suffering for the sake of suffering
  • Thinking of the futility of earthly life
  • Feeling stuck, paralyzed by life
  • Thinking you and your circumstances can not change

Religion Should Be:

  • Rejoicing in forgiveness
  • Knowing God cares for you (enough to agonize in pain and die for you)
  • Realizing there is more than what you experience with your senses around you
  • Understanding that God is working through you for your good
  • Realizing you are part of a whole and not separate from what is around you
  • Comprehending you are not alone

People with a sense of purpose and goals tend to like getting up in the morning.  Have you ever noticed the demeanor of someone, like a Priest, who believes in what they are preaching?  You can almost sense it.

In everyday life, though, there seems to be a different picture painted.  The implication is people are so preoccupied with daily tasks that they seem to forget why they are doing them.

In America religion seems as more of a side note than as a way to live your life.  It shouldn’t be that way.

There Is A Better Way

As an example a person who is religious believes that God can work them out of a situation that seems impossible.  It could be financial, health or with other people, but belief allows the possibility of an answer when it does not seem plausible.

If you believe in God you won’t be let down.

Does that knowledge make you want to sing like a member of a church choir?

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