The Startling Truth You Might Not Have Thought Of

Have you ever stopped to think about it in your busy life?

You don’t hear people say it much.

God could have chosen not to create anything and God could have chosen not to become incarnate to redeem humankind.


People usually think about what caused things to be or whether Jesus Christ is the eternal Son Of God, but do they ever think about these things not happening?

You have heard versions of these events many times, but have you ever stopped to think about it?

They are kind of “weird” thoughts, but this is a Meaning Of Life blog.

These thoughts might not change your daily life, but they might change how you look at your daily life and value it.

One thing those things would seem to imply there is a chance you wouldn’t be sitting there right now (or standing), and that you never would have.

You take for granted that you are sitting there, but God did not have to create you or create the world. Just think, there is a chance that none of your experiences could have ever happened.

It was his choice. Can you picture God sitting there are asking himself whether to create anything or not?

Why he chose to create is another discussion.

The creator God

Does that mean God has love for his creation?

That could be asked. Why would God – or anyone – go to the trouble of creating something just to punish it, if they didn’t have to at all? (One of the problems the author had with Christianity at a younger age was wondering how something could be created and then sent to hell.)

But let us just say we accept God did create out of choice.

Others have put forth the proposition that God had created before and this is one of his tries. (Interesting?)

He also could have chosen not to send his only Son to redeem humankind. That was not mandatory on his part.

It was out of love. Just to repeat : God could have chosen to not send his only Son to redeem humankind.

He could have said humans deserve what they get, as they had choices. Adam could have chosen the right thing, and so could other humans throughout history.

It was not required for God to redeem humans through incarnation. People tend to just think it is because they have heard it so many times.

The human mind is a fragile thing.

One other thought is regarding Deism. Most of the Founding Fathers of the United States were deists. Basically, Deism means there was a higher power that created everything, but then left you alone. It is a God that does not intervene in human lives.

You are more control of your fate in Deism. One could put forth the idea of a God not redeeming humans in Deism, as they believe in a God that does not interfere with creation.

Where would you be then?


Some might say the idea of the universe never existing isn’t relevant to their daily lives. They ask why it is something to think about.

Well, if nothing else, it can help you be more grateful for each day, knowing that life is a gift. (Ask a self-help author how to be happier and they will likely tell you to be grateful).

It could also help a person become more humble, realizing everything they are and have is ultimately from somewhere else.

It might even get you to think that God created – ultimately – out of love. It might not seem like it sometimes in your daily life, but think; for people who have had children, why did you procreate them?

Even if you procreated to carry on your family name, you didn’t do it just to punish someone, but for something larger.

And – since this is a blog – it is also a good place for some other “out there” thoughts.

If you want to take it to another step some educated people – with theological degrees – have wondered if Jesus Christ could have gone to other planets (in other life forms) and redeemed them also. If God created other life forms, then wouldn’t he redeem them?

And then to gaze at the universe and think you were made to be unique is amazing.

That is an interesting thought because it gets you to think out of the “norm” of everyday life.

So, when you think you are having a bad thing, just think that God could have chosen to not go to the trouble of creating anything. And then just think;

You might not have been at all.


Life is a gift.

 What do you think?




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