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The Author’s Posts With The Mosts At The End Of The Year

The end of the year is time to reflect.

There are many end of the year lists you will probably read, so here is another one.

Some posts in the past have included some with the most pageviews, but this one is a little different.

This post includes the favorite posts written by the author.

After over 280 posts there are bound to be some that are favorites.

First of all, based on the posts with the most pageviews there is one that stands out from the rest, for whatever reason.

It is called, “Why Do Some Suffer More Than Others?

It got over twice as many pageviews as the next top post, in terms of pageviews. But, although the subject is interesting, it is not the author’s favorite post.

What is?

Here are the top 5, along with a brief explanation:

5. The Simple Truths About Your Soul

While humans are focused on the physical plane, there is much more happening on a deeper level. For example, what is good for the body is often bad for the soul, and vice versa.

Your body is temporary, but your soul is immortal.

4.  What Has God Promised You?

Isn’t it amazing that the God Of The Universe has been promises to his Creation that believes? And, by the way, a promise from the Creator is reliable, which is unlike promises from humans.

These are things you can base your life around, and feel they are reliable.

3.  Don’t Gamble With Your Destiny

This post examines a notion of the afterlife by thinking God does not really want to send his Creation to hell for eternity, but wants them to have consequences for their sin.

In this theory, perhaps the level of heaven you experience in the afterlife is the level of “good” you take with you when you die. People are at different level of abilities and sin, and this takes it into account.

2.  You Can’t Escape The Pain Of Life

While bad things happen in life, it is important to realize that things are rarely all good or all bad. That celebrity that seems to have it all also has things to deal with, even if they are different things than what you have to deal with.

The reality of human life is that is comes with some pain, but that is not always a bad thing.

  1. Could God Make Mistakes?

In a world with so much suffering and chaos, it is nice to think there is an underlying order and reason to what happens.

Yes, God can turn bad things into good things, even if you don’t expect it or understand how. This post looks at examples of how that could be.


It is generally good to reflect on any endeavor one might have, especially at the end of the year. The effort is worth it because you might come across something you didn’t expect, that could change how you think.

For instance, the author realized that what he prefers to write about might be a little different than some other people. There was also a realization that, although topics overlap, one does not run out of ideas to write about.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year